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December 2015

Renamed as Xi’an UniIC Semiconductors Co., Ltd.

September 2015

Acquired by Unigroup Guoxin.

October 2013

Approved "Xi’an Memory Engineering Technology Research Center".

July 2013

Certifided by a world well known company as a Global Design Service Provider.

July 2011

Began providing Digital SoC Design Services for Renowned Semiconductor Companies.

September 2010

Xi’an Sinochip began Massive Production of Self-Owned Brand High Volume DRAM and Worldwide Sales.

September 2009

Started Proving DRAM Memory R&D Services.

May 2009

Acquired by Inspur Group, Qimonda (Xi’an) became Xi’an Sinochip.

April 2006

With the Spin-off of Qimonda from Infineon, Infineon Xi’an Memory Division Became Qimonda (Xi’an).

December 2003

Founded as Infineon Xi’an Memory Division.


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