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The 16th “China Chip" Annual Breakthrough Product Award Bestowed on Xi’an UniIC for Its SeDRAM™

Release date:2021/12/20   Hits:302   Author:manager

On December 20th, 2021, at the 16th "China Chip" Conference on Promotion of China IC Industry (“China Chip Conference”), Xi’an UniIC was bestowed the Annual Breakthrough Product Award, the most influential award in the industry, for its world leading technology, Stacked Embedded DRAM using Hybrid Bonding 3D Integration (“SeDRAM™”). 

"Annual Breakthrough Product Award" for UniIC’s SeDRAM™

SeDRAM™ shall not only furnish a solution to the performance bottleneck of Von Neumann Architecture, but also satisfy the increasing need for high-band width and high-density memories used in such application scenarios as HPC, AI, PNM and AIoT.


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